Reborn Rubber Wallets

Wallets made from Wetsuits & Recycled Polyester

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Fresh and salt water buoyant

Lose your wallet off the boat or dock? This wallet will float so your credentials won't sink. 

Thin minimalist design

This slim wallet holds 8 cards and has a rear pocket for cash and your primary card. Keep your wallet and phone comfortably in the same pocket. 

Your purchase benefits Coral Restoration efforts

Coral Reefs are important to keeping the ocean healthy. Reborn Rubber donates 10% of your purchase to The Coral Restoration Foundation™. 

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Made with upcycled Neoprene

We use unwanted scrap neoprene donated by textile businesses and donated wetsuits that are in usable condition to make our wallets. All wetsuits are thoroughly cleaned to remove chlorine, salt and odor. Our collection and color options are unique and constantly being updated.

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For the ocean minded

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